Assembly and installation services

Assembly and installation services

Metsi Group offers assembly services for many different sectors of industry. Our customers trust our high quality, which is based on years of experience in demanding assembly and installation assignments as well as in project management.

A large part of the heavy assembly jobs is carried out by our Estonian plants. A competitive price level for the products assembled in Finland is made possible by the Estonian unit’s international and experienced procurement and supply organization.

Mechanical assembly

• At Metsi Oy, in Hausjärvi, we offer mechanical assembly from subassembly up to equipment manufacturing.
• Our international technical and commercial staff ensures smooth cooperation and communication with the customer.

Precision-mechanical assembly

• Metsi Oy in Hausjärvi has decades of experience in assembling and manufacturing precise and demanding parts and equipment containing precision mechanics.
• The customer can be confident that we manufacture products according to the dimensional accuracy requirements. In connection with deliveries, we will deliver the measurement reports and documents as agreed.

Electrical and automation installation

• At Metsi Oy, in Hausjärvi, we assemble and install control centers, switchboard cabinets and electrification for mechanical and high-precision mechanical equipment.
• Design and manufacture are carried out together with the customer; if necessary, they can be adapted to suit the customer’s needs.
• Can be installed for indoor and outdoor use in homes, offices, residential buildings, and real estate, etc.
• A wide range of materials and colour options.
• We use high-quality materials and components from well-known manufacturers.
• The products we deliver to our customers have been tested, and they function reliably.

Current and voltage data:

Control center

Rated current 630 A (max.)
Rated voltage UN 400 / 690V (max.)
Protection class IP20 – IP69
Short-circuit withstand capability lcw 23.7kA / lpk 36.1kA

Distribution board

Rated current 80A (max.)
Rated voltage UN 400V
Protection class IP20 – IP30
Short-circuit withstand capability lcw <10kA

Enclosed switchboard

Rated current 630 A (max.)
Rated voltage UN 400 / 690V (max.)
Protection class IP34 – IP55
Short-circuit withstand capability lcw <43.3kA