About Metsi


Metsi Group is an international group of companies with plants in Finland and Estonia. Metsi Group’s head and sales office are located in Hausj√§rvi, Finland. The sales and sourcing office for the Baltic countries is located in Tallinn, Estonia, with manufacturing facilities.

Metsi Oy’s machine shop history dates back to 1841, when Martin Wetzer, a member of a German industrialist family, founded the Helsinki Mechanical Institute, which served research and industry.

From the outset, the institute was at the forefront of European development in the field, and it was privatized from the State Technical Research Center in 2000. Shortly afterwards, the company acquired Metsi Oy, founded in 1968, and continued its rapid growth and internationalization under Metsi Oy’s name.

Our goal is to become the leading contract manufacturing company in the Nordic countries by 2025.